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What Indie Music Really Is and Why It’s Kicking It
Indie Music

What Indie Music Really Is and Why It’s Kicking It

 Have you discovered indie music this summer and are you absolutely fascinated and fascinated? Don’t panic about the new hipster, we are going to explain what indie music is and we are going to talk to you about the most influential groups on the national scene. Take note.

It is well known that many bands that started on independent labels ended up going on to multinational labels due to their great success (Dover, Lori Meyers, Supersubmarina or Miss Caffeina sound familiar to you?). Today, the definition of indie music is so broad that it encompasses many areas, such as bands that are on independent labels, indie as a musical genre or even as a culture far from the mainstream.

Indie music, what is it?

Well, basically “independent music”, that is, bands that have recorded their albums by self-publishing (that is, the band itself takes care of everything) or with independent labels.

Now for a bit of historical context for you to peel in your upcoming indie conversations. Although everything sounds very 21st century to you, it is in the 80s when the term indie began to be coined, after the punk boom and the emergence of British post punk groups. The famous Do it yourself (DIY) spread among young people who wanted to get out of the popular culture that dictated the trends and many bands and record labels were born in this spirit.

It was in the early 90’s when the indie concept arrived with the appearance of bands like Los Planetas and Nosoträsh (Elefant Records) or Australian Blonde and Los Fresones Rebeldes (Subterfuge). The term is consolidated in our territory thanks to media such as Rockdeluxe, MondoSonoro and Radio 3, which echoed this whole new wave, and with the appearance of music festivals that host this type of bands for the first time (FIB, Sonorama or Contempopranea).

The boom in festivals in our country in recent years has made going to a music festival the preferred summer leisure option for most people between 20 and 45 years old according to the Observatory of Brand Sponsorship in Festivals (that is, among young people …).

Indie rock music, indie pop, alternative music … they all encompass an endless number of bands and musical styles that are far from the initial concept (it is what we have already had 40 years of indie music and a technological revolution with no antecedents involved).

Going back to the peninsular territory, it is in the last decade when everything is fading with social networks and what was previously indie today sounds on all radio stations and musical lines of shops. Fortunately, everything is changing and even the most indie reaches the whole world. When something has quality, the music does not understand scholars or underground. The Beatles are one of the most commercial bands for economic purposes and, nevertheless, they made breakthrough records musically, with them a culture was formed that was completely out of the prevailing British rigidity and they were fundamental for the emergence of the hippie movement.

Many bands that start out as indies count on the greats to grow, and this also means a change in the industry. Groups like Vetusta Morla, the quintessential indie band that fills the esplanade of the Caja Mágica and that has had its own record label for more than 10 years, have included a multinational record company in their business structure to broaden horizons and take care of their international distribution to grow. And they are still indies. And they are still incredibly good (although some have already burned their records calling them sold while, on the other hand, they listen to the Beatles feeling like the most intellectual elite).

At this point, the conclusion is that indie is a musical genre that has evolved so much that it is increasingly difficult to define it. Love quality music without barriers. Love, in general, without barriers and for everything else.

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